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Oxford Clinic – 137 Kilmore St

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The new hospital will be built at 137 Kilmore St, the former home of Medlab South, the defunct community laboratory provider.

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Invite for Residential Renewal Design Workshop

Peterborough Village Zones Map

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Peterborough Village Zones (July 2012)

Village Update…July 10, 2012

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Things are happening in Peterborough Village, not just the demolition, but the planning and construction.
e.g. A new house is under construction on TC3 land in Manchester Street, perhaps the first TC3 re-build in the city!

A 2nd new Colombo Street commercial building is almost completed.

Briscoes plan to open their new building in Salisbury Street on 1 August.

A workshop on residential redesign is planned for 22 – 23 July, focussed on local sites.

There’ll be an update on Pita Kaik commercial and residential renewal to a community meeting soon.

Peterborough Village submission on Major Community Facilities

Monday 21 May 2012

Te Puna Wanaka













On 21 May Japanese architect Taira Nishizawa will give a free public lecture in Christchurch on his innovative timber buildings. This is an opportunity to hear from a visionary architect as we look to rebuild our region with ambition and careful consideration.

Since opening his Tokyo studio in 1993, Taira Nishizawa has established himself as a leading figure among his generation of Japanese architects—he stands alongside such globally recognized practices as Atelier Bow-Wow, Klein Dytham Architects, and Tezuka Architects. Nishizawa’s work, which ranges from small houses to large sports facilities and makes particular use of innovative timber structures, has attracted numerous awards, including the prestigious Japan Institute of Architects Young Architect of the Year Award in 2005, the Architectural Review Emerging Architecture Award, and selection by Architectural Record as one of the world’s 10 ‘Design Vanguard’ architects.

A practitioner, academic and critic, Nishizawa teaches at a number of universities in Tokyo and has lectured and exhibited internationally. His work has been the subject of two monographs: ‘Taira Nishizawa 1994-2004′ and ‘Taira Nishizawa: Wooden Works 2004-2010′.

Taira Nishizawa is in New Zealand as a guest of NZ Wood, the University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning and his lecture in Christchurch has additional support from the Canterbury Branch of the New Zealand Institute of Architects and CPIT.

Te Puna Wanaka is on the corner of Williams & Coventry Streets, which can be accessed from Barbadoes or St Asaph Streets.

Credit for attachments:
Taira Nishizawa
Tomochi Forest Hall, Kumamoto (2004)
Photo: Hiroshi Ueda

‘Wooden Works’ square designed by Matt Galloway